Monday, July 4, 2011

Quick 4th of July Project!

Last week I posted several 4th of July projects on my Inspire list. I wanted to make the headband for my daughter to wear, but honestly I had forgotten about it till last night when Suzy from Joy is at Home sent me a nice message thanking me for posting her headband on my blog.  Well, quickly this morning I gathered the supplies, tossed them in my work bag and away we went. I'm happy to say, that between calls, I was able to finish this headband in less then 30minutes. It's a super easy project, but yet still looks great. My future political powerhouse  is going to look Fabulous up there on the stage with the Mayor tonight.  

Here is the inspiration piece I found. To see the whole tutorial, check out Suzy's blog at Joy is at Home . She'll take you through it step, by step.

Here is a quick overview of my headband. 

Since Ciara loves pearls, I used pearls I had on hand, instead of beads. 

I had bought a bag of headbands from the thrift store a few weeks ago, to use as basis for new headbands I was making, so I just grabbed a red one and used the hot glue gun to attach them. I would put the head band on to get a visual of where you want to attach the first one above the ear. I wanted them in order of Red, White and Blue, but becuase I started to high, I couldn't do that and had to bring the blue one down lower. 

I'm all done. I've got 2 more hours of work and then my holiday celebration begins. I hope you all have a fabulous day!

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  1. So cute!! I love it!! And isn't it SO easy!? She will look adorable! And I love the pearls... they are my FAVORITE!! :) Great job!