Wednesday, July 13, 2011

Happy Christmas in July: Day 12 Have a Very Geeky Christmas

This post  was meant for Day 12, but after some serious Thunderstorms came through town last night, my computer was down and out of commission for the night. I will say, that was one of the worst storms in memory. Our house survived without any damage, but my office wasn't so lucky. My partner says that lightening hit the building or somewhere in our immediate area. We lost some equipment, the building flooded and our TV is now out. I think the antenna is probably damaged or shot all together. So in honor of  lights in the sky, lets see how some Geeks light up their Christmas nights.

What says Christmas more then LED lights, Pac Man, Light Sabers, Spinney Lights and Spare Computer Parts??? Here are some fabulous Geek style Christmas trees I had to share. These are trees, my DH would probably prefer over the "traditional" trees we currently have.

Need any Geek Christmas cards? Here are some examples of those as well. 

 Need to buy an ornament for that special someone in your life, one of these may be perfect! 

And last, but not least a wreath to WELCOME all your guest. 

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