Tuesday, July 5, 2011

2011 Hallmark Dream Book

Did you know that Hallmark actually releases the biggest portion of their ornaments in July? That's right, just in time for Christmas in July. On July 1st, I promptly received my invitation to the Keepsake Ornament premiere at my local Hallmark.  My mom, doesn't work at Hallmark anymore, so I'm on my own these days.

On Fathers Day we went to my MIL's for dinner and the minute I walked into the house, I scoped out that Dream Book. I had seen it briefly online, but seeing it in person and holding it in my hands, is a whole other thing. I had all my nieces and nephews gathered around, oohhhhing and awwwwing with me. My SIL was wondering what in the world I was doing to keep their attention. Of course, Chrsitmas will do that.

Here are must have's for my personal collections. I've been waiting for an Up ornament to add to my Disney collection and this new Irish angel is very beautiful. My Irish collection is growing every year and someday I'll have an Irish themed tree. I'm not to far away and it goes to s how how adding 1 or 2 ornaments a year can build a collection slowly.

This Gizmo ornament is just too cute. Nothing specific about it, other then I think it's CUTE!

These 2 ornaments are additions to my daughters ongoing collections. Her grandma has bought her the Fairies and Madame Alexander ornaments every year. 

These are some of the new Barbie ornaments. Ciara and I haven't sat down and picked her must haves for the year, but as usual, the retro Barbies are my favorite. 

New this year are the Disney Princess Precious Moments ornaments. My daughter has received a dated P.M. ornament every year from her aunt. The regular Precious Moments collectibles never really appealed to her, until the Disney Princesses came out. She's loved them since the beginning. This is a good way to collect those, without it being overwhelming.

My husband has even jumped in on the bandwagon, thanks to my mom. We usually try and get him the new Star Wars or Star Trek spaceship ornaments each year. They usually don't get packed up though. Instead, he keeps them in his office on the bookcase. 

Do  you collect? Do you have a favorite? Do you have a themed tree? Do you want to start a collection? 

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  1. I've been collecting Hallmark ornaments for 30 years. I love it when the Dream Book comes out although with over 500 ornaments in my collection now, I've had to scale back on the number I buy! I always buy a Daughter ornament every year and I've been buying a Dog ornament for the last seven years (that's how long we've had our dog). I used to buy a School Days version to display my daughter's annual school photo but they haven't had one the last few years. I have collected a variety of Hallmark ornaments - some Disney, some international themes, Baby's 1st through 5th collection, etc. Most of my early Hallmark ornaments are just whimsical ones like Popcorn Mouse or Alpine Elf. We had a fabulous Hallmark store in Florida that had a big Ornament Premiere event in July and it was amazing - I haven't been able to find a store with quite that level of customer service since then.