Tuesday, July 12, 2011

Dining Room and Kitchen Color Inspirations!

When shopping for my daughters paint last night, I came across this "Vintage Chic" color palette by Behr Premium. I'm thinking this might be the colors I go with in my Dining room and Kitchen, if not exactly, at least somewhere in this color scheme. I really like the way the pink, blue, teal and gray lavenders work together. 

I recently purchases 5 chairs from Goodwill and plan on repainting them. I was thinking of doing each chair a different color. Crazy idea I know, but it's being done all over by DIY gals and then I found this picture in a  new furniture online catalog. 

I'm feeling super excited, but I do need to finish my daughters bedroom, before I can move on to another room. I've got plans going for 4 rooms right now and my brain is overflowing!! I'm following my daughters advice and carry an inspiration journal with me at all times now.

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