Sunday, July 20, 2014

Mickey and Minnie Mouse Felt Christmas Ornaments

Every year, I participate in a Christmas in July homemade ornament swap. As soon as Christmas is over, the Magical Holiday Home post goes up and sign] ups continue through February. Some years we might have 4 sign up, others years the numbers can top 8 or more. Some swappers are "oldies, but goodies", others are newbies. Newbies are always welcome, because it brings fresh ideas to the swap and conversation. Once the sign ups are over, the hard part starts. Looking at tons of ornament ideas and deciding which ornament is the perfect choice for the year, can be nerve wracking. Things like weight and shipping play into your choice, as well as stability and creativity.

Because my screen name is MinnieCo, I decided to go with a Disney theme and created a Mickey and Minnie Mouse pair.

I had pinned the idea from some time ago and used their Template to create my own pattern. I wanted my template a bit bigger, so I adjusted it accordingly in Print Shop. Although I followed their general instructions, I did change things a bit, so I'll note my instructions accordingly.

1. Print the template and use the pieces as patterns for cutting out the shapes in the specified colors. I used stiff felt for the black and regular felt for the red and green.

2. Sew the buttons on the red semi-square and the pearls on the green semi-square.

*Spoonful used glue for their buttons and stick on pearls. I wanted to make sure these lasted for some time,   without loosing parts, so I sewed mine on.

3. Glue both the red semicircle and green semicircle to a Mickey head.

I've had issues in the past with gluing felt, so I uses Beacon felt glue and was very happy with the outcome.

4. Once completely dry, use hot glue to attach the ribbons to the back of both ornaments.

5. Once cooled, flip over the Minnie ornament and use a dab of hot glue to attach the bow. 

6. You are done!!


  1. These ornaments are adorable and so glad I got a set!!!!

  2. glad you liked them...I thought it was time for a bit of Disney in my swap!

  3. Replies
    1. maybe 3x4 inches...or a tad smaller.

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