Monday, July 7, 2014

Christmas in July Day 7: Magical Holiday Home 2014 Ornament Swap

The wait is over...I opened my box and here they are. 

A Hand Painted Clay or Ceramic Snowflake-She's super talented in the painting department.

A Felt Christmas Tree Made from Felt Squares-This takes time and patience. We made a circle tree a couple years ago and it was time consuming. I can't imagine making 6 of them!

A Hinge Snowman-Our host is always creative. This little guy is a door hinge...Too Cute! 

A Christmas Tree in a Bottle-This little bottle and tree are super tiny. I love it! 

 A Clothespin Angle- This ornament get's the all natural award. Very cool using a cinnamon stick and basil for the wings (at least I think it's basil). 

A Button Christmas Tree-I just love button crafts in general and this wasn't is super cute! It's all buttons down to the tree stump, up to the star! 

The ornaments I made are not on this page, but the tutorial and pics will be posted on another day.

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  1. Lovely ornaments. You gals did a wonderful job