Thursday, July 10, 2014

Christmas in July Day 10: Cute Christmas T-Shirts

Today I'm going to my Pinterest boards and sharing some of my favorite T-shirts. Some are screen prints with great sayings, others are DIY's that can be used for both kids and adults as far as I'm concerned. 

Now I'd love to have this T-shirt and wear it ever Rudy Day throughout the year. People would look at me like I was crazy and I'd enjoy it every moment!  


I saved these two DIY's because they look like something I could whip out in an afternoon and are super cute. 

I'm tossing in this Apron, because when I sew again "some day" and I WILL, this is an Apron I'd love to make and wear. It's very STYLISH! 


This Holiday Junkie is going on a weekend camping trip with my husband to celebrate our 10th Anniversary tomorrow. I'm thinking at this point, I'm going to have to take a mini posting vacation. If I'm superwomen today, I might be back, if I'm not, be Merry and look for me again on Sunday. 


  1. Love reading your CIJ postings.

  2. Thanks Deidra, I'm glad you are enjoying it. I wish I was able to create a bit more on my own, but July is always a busy month for our family. I hope you check back, because I have plans for more, I just need time to execute.
    Lana, I'm always thankful for your support as well.

  3. The apron is a MUST!! Love it