Sunday, October 31, 2010

Happy Halloween!!

It's been sort of a weird day, but I wanted to get a few picks up before the night was over. Movie time in our household starts at 9pm, so I need to HURRY before they start the movie without me.

Trunk or Treat

The glow in the dark starts worked perfect with the Black Light, so I was pretty happy. A couple people driving down the street said that they thought they were actual lights I had on the back of the car. So Thumbs up for the Galaxy Far, Far Away! 

It was such a nice night, we finally put on some hoodies and just sat outside enjoying the kids and the soundtrack I had playing in the background. It was nice to hear how much the little ones enjoyed my Mickey's. They're usually scared to come to my door, so I might just go the KID FRIENDLY route from here on out. But we'll see. Never know what I'll do next!

It's become a tradition to make Buffalo Chicken Pizza on Halloween, so I served it up! Hot, but very yummy! 

These were my jack-o- lanterns for the year. I found them in a catalog and thought they would be perfect on my table outside.

I've got some other things to share, but it's time to run and SPOOK my daughter out! Happy Halloween everyone. We're one more holiday closer to Christmas...Yipeee!!

Saturday, October 30, 2010

Trick or Treat???

Sooooo, Lesley comes to work yesterday and hands me a "TRICK". This wonderful "Butcher Block of Body Parts". It has bloody noses, fingers, ears, and eyes. All of the are gummy treats. You think the kids are going to eat them tonight, because I'm not!! LOL

I think the worst is the ears. Now that grosses me out! 

Tammy came over today and she handed me some "Treats". I'm talking yummy treats. These pumpkin petifor's are to DIE FOR! She's given me some the last few years, but I had forgotten how good they taste. They are like little bites of Heaven!

Now for my own baking, I've been prepping for Trunk or Treat tonight. I made some cupcakes for the Young Women. Ciara is suppose to be making these, but that didn't happen yesterday and she's not home today. So they are done! 

I also made some corn muffins for the chili dinner tonight. I always enjoy that part of Trunk or Treat and then it's off to decorate the cars. 

I came up with an idea last minute, so we'll see if it works out. All depends if my  husband can find the power strip or whatever it's called, that runs power off the car battery. Otherwise, NO BLACK LIGHT! If it works, I'll put some photos up later. 

Now I'm off to redecorate my front yard. After the wind storms started, I had to take them down before they blew all the way down the street. So they've been in my living room for about 5 days now. Hopefully the winds will not pick up again like they did last night.  Have a Happy Halloween Eve!

Twas the Night Before Christmas Quiz

I just got done taking this quiz and got a perfect score on it. I have been reading multiple versions of this book to my daughter for years, so I'm thinking it's just imprinted in their without me even knowing. Now I've sent it to her to see how well she does. Can't wait to see! In the mean time, if you'd like to take the quiz, here you go.

The Night Before Quiz

My favorite version of The Night Before Christmas is the Coca Cola edition. I love the graphics! Did you know, that our modern day Santa image came from that ad campaign. Of course we had visions of Santa, but the red suit and bowl full of jelly look, took off and has never changed since that era.

The Coca-Cola Santa made its official debut in 1931 in The Saturday Evening Post and appeared regularly in that magazine, as well as Ladies Home Journal, National Geographic, The New Yorker and others.  From 1931 to 1964, Coca-Cola advertising showed Santa enjoying a Coke, playing with children who stayed up to greet him and raiding the refrigerators at a number of homes. 

1958 Commercial with Santa:


2006 Commercial-Has a retro feel to it still.

Friday, October 29, 2010 - Utah dad takes dressing up to the extreme

This dad in Utah is amazing. How fun would it be to dress up in a new costume every morning to wave your son off to school. Takes guts and LOVE! - Utah dad takes dressing up to the extreme

Video Courtesy of

Be sure to visit his blog to see all the different costumes he's worn!
Wave To The Bus 

Dog Videos...and some Marilyn Manson...HUH?????

For all you dog lovers, Ginger found this one for me. I can't believe someone would think to make their dog Hannibal Lecter, from Silence of the Lambs. uhhh????

Here is a Sing A Long for A Nightmare Before Christmas. I haven't seen this since I was younger, I need to watch it again.

Now, this is a little scarier. Same video, but covered by Marilyn Manson. I guess if you're looking for scary, that would be it!

This one, may not be the most exciting, but as a Basset Hound lover, I've got to include it and give it an A+ for creativity. Too funny!

Thursday, October 28, 2010

Great Blog...Love Her Halloween Decorations!

The Eighteen25 Blog has some really nice Halloween decorations. She's doing exactly what I'm wanting to do. Incorporate more into my current decor. Also, look at the pumpkins from her pumpkin party. She's got a Mickey with ears. I've had this idea, but never followed through. Very cute! 

Ultimate Geek Love

I buy a new ornament for both my husband and daughter every year. This is one I've been debating for 2 years now. It may just be the ultimate sign of affection for my Electronic Tech Geek. If you have a Geek in your life, check out Geekware she is constantly coming up with new stuff. She does a lot of work with retro apple products as well.


Just found this on Pillsbury while looking for recipes. Very cute!

Here's a link to the template if anyone wants to give it a shot!  

Pumpkin Recipe of the Day:

Layered Pumpkin Loaf

Before I make my normal Pumpkin Bread,  I'm going to give this recipe a try tonight. Looks yummy and different! I'll post some pics and let you know how it turns out. 

Pumpkin Swirl- Brownies 

Now these look super yummy too. To bad Dear Hubby doesn't like pumpkin. I don't want to make a whole batch and eat them all!! 

Wednesday, October 27, 2010

Costumes of Years Past

Tonight I'm going to go down memory lane and post a few pictures of our Halloween costumes from past years. I'll start with the ones I can find easily and then tomorrow I'm going to try and get some older ones up as well.  My daughter has always wanted "non traditional" costumes. A few were store bought when she was younger,  but most have been made or put together after hunting down the perfect pieces. I'll toss in a few of me as well.

2009: Poker Face-this one was thought of while watching the MTV VMA. When lady gaga got up there and did her weird dance on stage, both of us instantly thought of making a Lady GaGa costume, HOWEVER we had to think of something a bit more modest. She new she wanted a tutu and from there we came up with this. The hat, mask and socks I detailed myself with painted poker chips and mini cards.

In 2009 I seen this mask at Party America and had to have it. I already had the red cape and found the perfect black velvet dress at the thrift store. The inspiration to attach the spiders to my face, came from one of Martha Stewart's costumes. 

2008: 80's Prom Girl Gone Wrong-Can't find yet! 

2007: Nancy Drew-At the time, she was reading Nancy Drew books like crazy. I had this skirt and the thought just happened one day. We bought the long socks, bought a turtle neck and picked out some ribbon for her hair. To make sure people knew who she was, I made her a name tag that read Nancy Drew-Private Investigator. I don't recall who we borrowed the magnifying glass from, but it was PERFECT!

2006: Geisha Girl-At the time Memoirs of a Geisha was out on video and it was her favorite movie at the time. This one cost a little more then I wanted to spin, but we picked out the fabric ourselves and her Uncle sewed the entire costume. The wig I found last minute and the grocery store. It was the one and ONLY time she wore a wig. 

While looking through my photos, I came across one of my favorite decoration photos. It's one of my store bought tombstones, that has been painted with Glow In The Dark paint. Any white area on my tombstones, I paint the the glow in the dark paint and 1 black light in front of them all, lights them up. Just an FYI, I always bring in my black light and strobe lights into the house each night. My strobe lights were taken one year, but my black light has managed to hang around still.

On the other side of my yard, I use red spotlights to make my scenes more dramatic. Most of my big pieces were found at the farm of my in-laws. I would walk around and just find things on the property that had been left out. Some might call it trash, I call it Halloween treasures. 

Tuesday, October 26, 2010

Altered Plastic Pumpkins

I picked up a couple orange plastic pumpkins at Target yesterday for a $1.00. I had seen this great altered pumpkin online awhile back and want to give it a try. I need to get to the Scrapbook store though, before all the Halloween paper is gone!  I want to do something similar to this pumpkin on A Cherry On Top

While doing my search, I found these other altered pumpkins on various sites. 

Cats (LARGE CATS) enjoying their pumpkins.

Thanks Aunt Sandy for these awesome video link. It's just like watching a dog with a toy ball. They not only enjoy eating them, but love playing with them for the fun of it!

This one I'm going to toss in just for fun. Wait till you see him doing some sit ups!

Monday, October 25, 2010

Great Idea for Your House

Ahorsessoul, posted this on Magical Holiday Home, its rather cute and pretty easy!

Great Pumpkin Carving Story on CBS News Tonight

Pumpkin Carving Master

While on the CBS News site, I found some other great Halloween resources. Here is a great video with Halloween Party Ideas.    Halloween Party Ideas

They also have a great list of kid friendly Halloween movies. Of course Tim Burton is always a favorite. 
Halloween Movies for Kids

For even more links check out the Fright Site on CBS


So this may not fit EXACTLY into Halloween, BUT they are evil and very, very bad. Can't help but add some "different" videos as well. 

I was just looking at the Holiday items on Disney Store and they have villain ornaments this year. 

Malaficent Ornament Link:



Notice they are both in Purple??? Hmmmm??? What does that say if my favorite color is Purple???

Want a complete list of Disney Villains, thanks to Wikipedia here it is: 

Official list of characters: