Sunday, October 31, 2010

Happy Halloween!!

It's been sort of a weird day, but I wanted to get a few picks up before the night was over. Movie time in our household starts at 9pm, so I need to HURRY before they start the movie without me.

Trunk or Treat

The glow in the dark starts worked perfect with the Black Light, so I was pretty happy. A couple people driving down the street said that they thought they were actual lights I had on the back of the car. So Thumbs up for the Galaxy Far, Far Away! 

It was such a nice night, we finally put on some hoodies and just sat outside enjoying the kids and the soundtrack I had playing in the background. It was nice to hear how much the little ones enjoyed my Mickey's. They're usually scared to come to my door, so I might just go the KID FRIENDLY route from here on out. But we'll see. Never know what I'll do next!

It's become a tradition to make Buffalo Chicken Pizza on Halloween, so I served it up! Hot, but very yummy! 

These were my jack-o- lanterns for the year. I found them in a catalog and thought they would be perfect on my table outside.

I've got some other things to share, but it's time to run and SPOOK my daughter out! Happy Halloween everyone. We're one more holiday closer to Christmas...Yipeee!!

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  1. It looks and sounds like everyone had a wonderful time!!