Wednesday, October 27, 2010

Costumes of Years Past

Tonight I'm going to go down memory lane and post a few pictures of our Halloween costumes from past years. I'll start with the ones I can find easily and then tomorrow I'm going to try and get some older ones up as well.  My daughter has always wanted "non traditional" costumes. A few were store bought when she was younger,  but most have been made or put together after hunting down the perfect pieces. I'll toss in a few of me as well.

2009: Poker Face-this one was thought of while watching the MTV VMA. When lady gaga got up there and did her weird dance on stage, both of us instantly thought of making a Lady GaGa costume, HOWEVER we had to think of something a bit more modest. She new she wanted a tutu and from there we came up with this. The hat, mask and socks I detailed myself with painted poker chips and mini cards.

In 2009 I seen this mask at Party America and had to have it. I already had the red cape and found the perfect black velvet dress at the thrift store. The inspiration to attach the spiders to my face, came from one of Martha Stewart's costumes. 

2008: 80's Prom Girl Gone Wrong-Can't find yet! 

2007: Nancy Drew-At the time, she was reading Nancy Drew books like crazy. I had this skirt and the thought just happened one day. We bought the long socks, bought a turtle neck and picked out some ribbon for her hair. To make sure people knew who she was, I made her a name tag that read Nancy Drew-Private Investigator. I don't recall who we borrowed the magnifying glass from, but it was PERFECT!

2006: Geisha Girl-At the time Memoirs of a Geisha was out on video and it was her favorite movie at the time. This one cost a little more then I wanted to spin, but we picked out the fabric ourselves and her Uncle sewed the entire costume. The wig I found last minute and the grocery store. It was the one and ONLY time she wore a wig. 

While looking through my photos, I came across one of my favorite decoration photos. It's one of my store bought tombstones, that has been painted with Glow In The Dark paint. Any white area on my tombstones, I paint the the glow in the dark paint and 1 black light in front of them all, lights them up. Just an FYI, I always bring in my black light and strobe lights into the house each night. My strobe lights were taken one year, but my black light has managed to hang around still.

On the other side of my yard, I use red spotlights to make my scenes more dramatic. Most of my big pieces were found at the farm of my in-laws. I would walk around and just find things on the property that had been left out. Some might call it trash, I call it Halloween treasures. 

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