Wednesday, October 20, 2010

Mickey Mouse Halloween Part II

The first item I want to show everyone, is my  new Mickey and Minnie Pumpkin Lantern Byron bought me at Walgreens. He surprised me with it last month, so it's been sitting on my desk ever since. They usually have a Minnie and a Mickey separate at Walgreen's, but I've never seen a joined one.

Next are my new Mickeys for the front yard. Now I've been wanting this large Mickey Pumpkin for years, but was not willing to pay the price the Disney Store Online was asking. Well I got the urge to look online again this year and the price had almost dropped in half, so I knew it was time. I finally gave in and bought my 5 ft Mickey. Well, the very next day Byron shows up with another gift and it's the 3 ft Mickey from Walgreens. I tried to break it to him gently, that I had  just bought a bigger one, but told him I loved it just the same and I can never have to many Mickeys. When the larger one came, I decided in fact, I liked the smaller one with the black mouth and eyes, better then the larger one with the yellow mouth and eyes. Just stands out better I think. The ghost in the pumpkin, I've had for years, but it's been retired and in storage since I started putting together my graveyard 5 years ago.  I added a few strands of orange lights and in less then an hour, my decorations were done, which is exactly what I needed this year. 

Here is another Disney video from 1929. This one actually stars Mickey Mouse and is titled HAUNTED HOUSE.

My card of the day, is again homemade. I love the shape of the card and the black and white paper. I get these cards and always wish I could stamp, but I don't need another hobby. 

For those young ones in your life,  here is a Mickey Coloring Sheet to print out and share with them. 

Now, this may be a little off the Halloween topic, but I had to share my new bracelets. My BFF is a master beader. He can make his own designs, he can copy designs and he takes request. Well I must admit, I was starting to get bummed, because after a year of him giving them away to everyone I still didn't have one. Well last week he showed up with this great red and black Mickey Icon bracelet. Before he could even get home, I called him and asked if he'd make me another one in black and white. That' way, I'd have some "versatility". Apparently, it's an easy, easy pattern. In 2 days he had whipped me out 3 more. We're getting ready to sale some of his more detailed pieces for this coming holiday season.

Now, let me see if I can come up with the recipe of the day????? hmmm???? let me think about this one???
Okay, I'm going to go with an easy Pumpkin Pancake that starts with a mix. Fast and easy!

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