Saturday, October 30, 2010

Trick or Treat???

Sooooo, Lesley comes to work yesterday and hands me a "TRICK". This wonderful "Butcher Block of Body Parts". It has bloody noses, fingers, ears, and eyes. All of the are gummy treats. You think the kids are going to eat them tonight, because I'm not!! LOL

I think the worst is the ears. Now that grosses me out! 

Tammy came over today and she handed me some "Treats". I'm talking yummy treats. These pumpkin petifor's are to DIE FOR! She's given me some the last few years, but I had forgotten how good they taste. They are like little bites of Heaven!

Now for my own baking, I've been prepping for Trunk or Treat tonight. I made some cupcakes for the Young Women. Ciara is suppose to be making these, but that didn't happen yesterday and she's not home today. So they are done! 

I also made some corn muffins for the chili dinner tonight. I always enjoy that part of Trunk or Treat and then it's off to decorate the cars. 

I came up with an idea last minute, so we'll see if it works out. All depends if my  husband can find the power strip or whatever it's called, that runs power off the car battery. Otherwise, NO BLACK LIGHT! If it works, I'll put some photos up later. 

Now I'm off to redecorate my front yard. After the wind storms started, I had to take them down before they blew all the way down the street. So they've been in my living room for about 5 days now. Hopefully the winds will not pick up again like they did last night.  Have a Happy Halloween Eve!


  1. Those goodies look delicious - except for the first ones. They look both cool and creepy at the same time!!

  2. I gave them out to the older boys last night. Thought they might appreciate them...LOL