Thursday, October 21, 2010

Breaking into the Jewelry Box!

I wanted to share some of the jewelry that came out of our last trip to the bead store. My BFF makes the bracelets, earring and the more intricate work. My daughter braids hemp and uses larger beads to make her own "boutique" of necklaces. We buy some of her hemp supply in different color backs and one of the packs had orange. Now what in the world would she do with orange? Well, obvious answer to me is use it for Halloween. So when we were at the store last they had these clay pumpkins made up. She just finished my necklace a few days ago, so I'm looking forward to wearing it. It's pretty bold, so I'm thinking I need a simple black shirt for it to stand out.

While I was there waiting for her, I came across these other Halloween beads. I immediately snagged them up and left an order for Byron to make me some earrings. A couple weeks later...they were done! It's great having people around you who can whip out things you want so quickly!  If your in the Thornton/Northglenn area, you can get these kinds of items and 50,0000 more at Alley Cat Beads on Washington and 120th.

This last piece I found last year in Estes Park during our annual Nemnich girls day out.  I love vintage looking Halloween items and this was very different. Honestly, I don't pick up very many holiday jewelry pieces, but this one was calling my name and looked great on my orange cardigan.

On one of my forums today, someone posted a link to a great blog called Everyday is a Crafting Day. She has a great craft project listed that looks super easy. I'm going to put this ghost on my to do list for next year. It looks super cool, but I'm not to sure about storage. Might be a little hard to store safely. If anyone has a storage idea, let me know.

I don't know if anyone has seen any JibJab productions on SNL or Jay Leno, but some of their stuff is very funny. Hopefully this one won't be offensive to anyone, but it's rather amusing!

I'll finish off with a recipe. A very different recipe. If anyone tries this, let me know how it turns out. If I end up making it, I'll let you all know as well. For those of you who are squash lovers, it looks very easy.
Sweet and Sour Grilled Pumpkin

I'm happy to say I'll be out of town at a Scrapbooking retreat, so I won't have another post till Sunday night. Have a great weekend and I'll see you all then.

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  1. Love the jewelry. Have a great weekend.