Monday, October 18, 2010

Making This Short and Sweet...

I'm still suffering from these terrible headaches and just can't sit in front of the computer long because it hurts my eyes. So rather then skipping today, I'll just post something short and sweet!

How about my window decorations...I found the banner and witch at Target and the nets at the dollar store. I'm still going with the theory to decorate and accentuate what I have, rather then buying stuff to put on a shelf. So far,  I think my few changes this year have worked really well.

Here is one of my cards from the swap... Love the detail! I think it's actually fabric. I've only worked with fabric on paper once, that's pretty creative.

This will warm your heart...Here is my Hoover in his Pirate Hat. You can't see his matching scarf, but it's rather cute. At least I thought it was cute for the 2 minutes he left it on.

Let me finish with another video. I've posted this on facebook and the boards before, but just in case you haven't seen it, it's from Scare Tactics and makes me laugh EVERY time I watch it.


  1. Your puppy is a sweetheart. I love the window decorations - simple, but very nice.

  2. Thanks Mel...I love my "Pretty Boy". My old Basset was about 20-30 pounds bigger, so I called him my "BIG BOY"... :)