Wednesday, February 26, 2014

2014 National Self Worth Day

I'd like to take a step back today from being a Holiday Junkie and share another project close to my heart.  The Shimmer, Sparkle, Shine Project is the brainchild of my daughter Ciara. I'm blessed to be on the board and work very hard at helping spread the message. Today is a special day, as we host our first Self-Worth Awareness day. So please take a few minutes and see what the SSS project is all about. 

The Shimmer, Sparkle, Shine Project would like you to join us, in pledging to Love Yourself

Today, we are spreading the message on 5 college campuses, in 3 states and on Facebook to as many people as possible. But ultimately, it starts with just one person...YOU! 

If you'd like to take the pledge, Like us on Facebook. Share a photo or make a video to share what makes you Shimmer, Sparkle, Shine. If you join us later then 2-26-14, that's fine, our love and message will continue.

And why does the Shimmer, Sparkle, Shine Project do what we do??  To reach as many young girls as possible and let them know, that regardless of what they've been told, now matter how different they are, no matter what size they are, no matter their background, they are worth loving. We want to help them to realize their own individual worth and divine potential.

Thursday, February 13, 2014

Hot Air Balloon Valentine

Still need to make a quick
 Valentine for someone special? 
My daughter made this fabulous Valentine
this year and I thought I'd share the idea. 
It's super easy and super CUTE!! 

Tuesday, February 11, 2014

Shirley Temple and Christmas...A Look Back!

The Hallmark Channel posted this picture this morning to honor the loss of Shirley Temple. It's as cute as cute can be and got me wondering, just how many Christmas movies Shirley Temple did make? I did a quick search and out of 52 movies, I found these 4 that were entirely Christmas themed or had scenes that began or ended at Christmas. 

 Here are the storylines as described on IMDB:

Heidi - "Eight-year-old Heidi is orphaned and her selfish maternal Aunt Dete takes her to the mountains to live with Adolph Kramer, her grumpy, old, outcast, survivalist paternal grandfather. Heidi brings her grandfather back into mountain society through her angelic ways, sheer love, and adorable personality. When Aunt Dete steals Heidi away to be the companion of a rich man's invalid daughter, the grandfather is enraged and sets out to get her back. Back in Frankfurt, loved and adored by everyone she touches except the villainous housekeeper, Fraulein Rottenmeier, she thrives but is inwardly very sad and lonely. No matter what anyone tells her, Heidi, with faith, hope, and the stubbornness she inherited from her grandfather, knows that some day she will be reunited with the him and the beloved people of the mountain's little village."

Bright Eyes - "When a maid is accidentally hit by a car and killed, her young orphaned daughter is forced to live with the snooty couple she used to work for. A custody battle soon ensues between an aviator who adores the little girl and the couple's crotchety Uncle Ned."

Stowaway - "Chin-Ching gets lost in Shanghai and is befriended by American playboy Tommy Randall. She falls asleep in his car which winds up on a ship headed for America. Susan Parker, also on the ship, marries Randall to give Chin-Ching a family."

I'll Be Seeing You - "Mary Marshall, serving a six year term for accidental manslaughter, is given a Christmas furlough from prison to visit her closest relatives, her uncle and his family in a small Midwestern town. On the train she meets Zach Morgan, a troubled army sergeant on leave for the holidays from a military hospital. Although his physical wounds have healed, he is suffering from post-traumatic stress disorder and is subject to panic attacks. The pair are attracted to one another and in the warm atmosphere of the Christmas season friendship blossoms into romance, but Mary is reluctant to tell him of her past and that she must shortly return to prison to serve the remainder of her sentence." 

Seeing these photos, definitely brings back memories of watching Shirley Temple movies as a kid. Being a kid in the 70's, meant very few channels and lots of black and white movies on the weekends. I personally recall seeing 3 of these 4 movies. Especially Heidi. I'm not sure how many times I watched that one, but probably a handful! To think that she retired from film making at the age of 22 is astonishing and has yet to be duplicated. Hat's off to Shirley!! 

Saturday, February 1, 2014

Hallmark Hall of Fame...Did it again with Remember Sunday

If you look back at my post, next to Christmas, you'll see I love cheesy, love story movies on the Hallmark Channel. Tonight, although it seems to be a repeat, I watched the movie Remember Sunday. I was a little leery at first, thinking it would be some sort of copycat of 50 first dates, but it quickly stood on it's own. I think I enjoyed it because of the actors and it was a bit quirky. What does quirky mean??? I'm not exactly sure, so I looked it up "something that is strange/not normal but cool".  I don't know why I think of this word, but hey, it's the first thing that came to mind. Maybe because he was a cosmologist before he lost his memory, and she dreamed of being a florist. Maybe it was the rollerskating or the fact that he worked on vintage jewelry? 

Now, to top it off, it wasn't just any Hallmark movie, it was a Hallmark Hall of Fame movie. For those of you who don't frequent the Hallmark Channel or catch them on an occasional Sunday night special, that means a night full of Hallmark Card commercials. And to me Hallmark Card commercials = Cry Fest. Most I've seen over and over, so the tears have slowed down a little, but one in particular still does it to me EVERY TIME. Tonight, I was caught in the midst of a cry fest over the dishwasher, when my husband came into the kitchen for a dinner check. A little embarrassing..YES, but I'm not ashamed to say that I miss my daughter and that commercial goes straight to my heart. I've posted it before, but it's worth sharing again.

I highly suggest you catch it if you can this weekend. I know it's Superbowl Sunday, but set that DVR. If not this go around, maybe next time.