Saturday, January 25, 2014

Taking it back to the 80's...Wrappin Style!

Can I say how much I love this florescent neon wrapping paper. It's yet another Target products that screamed my name during the Christmas season. It was literally at the end of the isle, in all it's glowing glory, yet I knew others would not appreciate it, as it should be appreciated. I knew, if I waited patiently, I would be that person who gave that orphaned wrapping paper a home, at 75% off.  The pictures of florescent wrapped Birthday packages, this coming year, was very vivid in my mind. 

Today I was able to dive into that paper and put it to use. These are little packages, that will be stored in a closet for the Young Women to receive this coming year, so I had to keep it toned down, in order to store them "efficiently". So the decorations are minimal, but yet I'm pleased. They also had small packs of coordinated ribbon that matched the paper and I was also able to pick up a few of those for dirt cheap. However, I wanted to incorporated black into the mix as well and I really like the combination. I can't wait to wrap a big package with hot pink and a big black bow. I'll be sure to share when I do. 

For those of us who were kids living in the 80's, these color we're a MUST HAVE. I have a very vivid memory of taking my babysitting money one weekend, hoping on the bus by myself, heading to Northglenn Mall, and scouring DEB for the perfect Madonna inspired outfit. I came home with fishnet gloves and all. Those we're the times!  I have to admit, when the neon colors started showing up last year in the stores, it made me smile. So Madonna and The Go-Go's...   I dedicated this post to you!!

Friday, January 17, 2014

Better Homes & Gardens 1959 Holiday Cookbook

On my Confessions of a Holiday Junkie Facebook Page, I shared the cover of this book I picked up at a vintage store. I think my love for these books, stems back to my love of hosting parties. I love to read about the formality of what was expected in years past. Some of it, still pertains to current day, but other topics are just worth a good laugh. 

First up....

What Makes A Party Click?

    To help you roll out the red carpet at your party, we give dozens of ideas on what to serve-everything from snacks to a big holiday dinner or special occasion smorgasbord. 
    We've tried to make things easy for you, the hostess. You'll find many recipes you can fix ahead, others that keep last-minute fuss to a minimum. This will leave you free to chat with guest, enjoy your own party.
     Unless you know your guest well, it's best not to serve anything that's too unusual. As a rule, men like simple food while women take to the "something different". 
     When planning a dinner party, pick foods that can wait. Guests might be late.
     You'll want to make the most of an upcoming holiday. Even just a special dessert-heart shaped cake, Easter Bonnet cookies, Goblin Frosties-makes the simplest meal an occasion. 

Tips for hostess to keep in mind for smooth-running parties 

Careful planning is the secret to successful entertaining

* Invitations-send out one week to 10 days ahead of time for most parties. But plan on two to three weeks during the holidays. 

* Here's how to organize your party if you're new at entertaining. List the major jobs that must be done ahead.  Examples are: What to serve; groceries to buy; how you want the table set; and when to cook the food. Plan a schedule and check off each item as you do it. 

* Serving something new? It's a good idea to try the recipe first-see if you like the flavor, if it suits the occasion. 

* You'll save dish washing if you count smart ovenware and electric skillets that can travel from kitchen to the table.

* Before the party, decide how to split duties between the host and hostess. 

* Budget your time-save a precious hour before guests arrive to relax.

Wednesday, January 15, 2014

New Shabby Chic, Vintage Feeling Line at Michaels

When I turned the aisle, there it was, the cutest, prettiest, pinkest little line of season decor I'd seen in awhile. I don't have pink, in my home, other then my daughter's room, but I still admire it from afar. It's that shabby chic side of me that comes out once in awhile, wishing I lived in a floral paradise. So let me live in a hypothetical world and say, if I had a cute little cottage all to myself, this is what it would look like inside.