Friday, January 17, 2014

Better Homes & Gardens 1959 Holiday Cookbook

On my Confessions of a Holiday Junkie Facebook Page, I shared the cover of this book I picked up at a vintage store. I think my love for these books, stems back to my love of hosting parties. I love to read about the formality of what was expected in years past. Some of it, still pertains to current day, but other topics are just worth a good laugh. 

First up....

What Makes A Party Click?

    To help you roll out the red carpet at your party, we give dozens of ideas on what to serve-everything from snacks to a big holiday dinner or special occasion smorgasbord. 
    We've tried to make things easy for you, the hostess. You'll find many recipes you can fix ahead, others that keep last-minute fuss to a minimum. This will leave you free to chat with guest, enjoy your own party.
     Unless you know your guest well, it's best not to serve anything that's too unusual. As a rule, men like simple food while women take to the "something different". 
     When planning a dinner party, pick foods that can wait. Guests might be late.
     You'll want to make the most of an upcoming holiday. Even just a special dessert-heart shaped cake, Easter Bonnet cookies, Goblin Frosties-makes the simplest meal an occasion. 

Tips for hostess to keep in mind for smooth-running parties 

Careful planning is the secret to successful entertaining

* Invitations-send out one week to 10 days ahead of time for most parties. But plan on two to three weeks during the holidays. 

* Here's how to organize your party if you're new at entertaining. List the major jobs that must be done ahead.  Examples are: What to serve; groceries to buy; how you want the table set; and when to cook the food. Plan a schedule and check off each item as you do it. 

* Serving something new? It's a good idea to try the recipe first-see if you like the flavor, if it suits the occasion. 

* You'll save dish washing if you count smart ovenware and electric skillets that can travel from kitchen to the table.

* Before the party, decide how to split duties between the host and hostess. 

* Budget your time-save a precious hour before guests arrive to relax.

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