Friday, July 17, 2015

2015 CIJ Ornament Swap

This years Magical Holiday Home Ornament swap was no disappointment. Lots and lots of thought and work goes into each years ornament choices. We sign up in January and have until Mid June to complete our ornaments. You pick one, ponder your choice and then go another route. Sometimes more then once. This year I was trying to use up supplies I had on hand and ended up with several different choices, but ended up with scrabble ornaments. It wasn't my most creative choice, but I do like how they came out and hope my friends enjoyed them. Some were personalized with their name, others said things like Santa, Joy or Snow. 

Now here are the amazing ornaments I received in my box. 

A stuffed and hand painted snowman. 

A gingerbread cookie cutter.... LOVE! 

A felt Elf

A candy cane horse

A quilted medallion... 
(sorry, I don't know the official word for it...LOL)

A stained glass piece of holly... 
My first thought was WOW...that does not look easy. 

A cinnamon stick Christmas tree. 

A star made out of clothes pins. 

This ornament is an Eye Spy game. She attached the list and inside the light bulb was a bunch of little mini things to find.  This one is perfect for kids in the family. 

I spy a button and a bell...

Paper curls inside a glass ornament. This one had to have taken a wee bit of time. Probably more patience than I have. 

A twig and ribbon tree. Such a simple idea, but yet super cute! 

Now, you might of not been making ornaments in Spring, but have you thought about ornaments you might like to make for this coming year. Trust me when I say, early is better. The hobby stores will start carrying supplies soon and time will pass you by before you know it. Start scoping out Pinterest now and get that board going.  Don't forget to have a Happy Christmas in July!


  1. beautiful ornaments! I want to make scrabble ones

    1. Lulu, I kept one of those for myself. I really did hit the jackpot finding the deluxe edition, because honestly everyone grabs those games up now at garage sales and the thrift store.

  2. What a great idea! I must try to host something like this! I feel inspired by your Holiday Home Ornament swap!

    1. Awesome Ginger. Honestly it's really fun and gives me something to look forward to and boost the Christmas spirit. Everyone is so creative. I'm actually going to use the clothespin stars for a project option at church this coming season. So easy, but so cute!

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