Thursday, October 14, 2010

It's All or Nothing!!! Happy October 14th

Sometimes, I get stuck in that "it's all or nothing mode". This Halloween is one of those times. My intentions were great, but the action just wasn't happening. I wanted to expand my graveyard in the yard, I wanted to blog all month...I wanted, I wanted, I wanted! Well now it's the 14th of the month, Halloween is almost 2 weeks away and I'm finally jumping in for some fun. The yard is not going to be perfect, my blog won't be a complete 31 days and who knows if I'll actually get to carving a pumpkin, but I still have lots to share! Let me start off by showing you this Muppet video Ginger posted last night. The screen rating says R, but it's not, so no worries!

For those of you who are local, I know I might be amusing myself more then anyone else, but my online friend Tim (aka: The M&E Sign Guy) is considering getting some T-shirts for all his fans to buy. Now, my immediate thought was Halloween. How funny would it be to make a sign, wear his T-shirt, copy his new hairdo and be Tim!  Here's are a couple of his links, for those of you who might not know his name, but probably have seen him on the corner of Sheridan and 120th, in front of Sprouts.

Here is a picture of him with Ciara and Konner, when he was working on Washington!

Here is a link to my Pumpkin Recipe of the Day:



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