Sunday, October 24, 2010


Did you know they are making a Ghostbusters 3? I didn't, until tonight. Rumors have been flying for years, but it looks like it's in the works now. Check out this article at News In Film


Who doesn't love this song? The movie was on last weekend and it's so much fun to watch. I love it!

Now this one isn't as memorable as the first, but at the time I was very happy that Bobby Brown was doing the theme song to Ghostbusters 2. I can't find a good version online at all, so this is the best I could do. Sorry for the poor quality.

Wanna dress up as a ghost buster for Halloween? Their are plenty of options. 80's Tees has this costume, plus tons of other Ghostbuster products that are very retro and very cool.

This family, made their own Ghostbuster costumes and their ghost is too cute for words. Check out the  for  This Mommy Loves for more detailed information on this costume and other family costumes. It's a great collection of ideas.

If you're child wants to go retro and be a Ghostbuster, Amazon has costumes for them as well.

Want more Ghostbusters information or ideas, here are the ultimate fan sites. Who would of thought ?

Proton Charging

Last, but not least...are you an ultimate fan and a facebook addict? Well, you guessed it..They even have a Facebook Fan Page

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  1. I love the Ghostbusters song. Even my teenagers go around singing it.