Saturday, November 22, 2014

Dressing Your Special Man for the Christmas Season

Have a special man in your life who needs an extra push to dress up during the holidays? Are you tired of his old frumpy jeans and t-shirt? His lack of excitement and cheer? Well I've found some great options that any man would be happy to wear and in an instant...they will free their inner Santa.  Look no further then Orvis.Com  

Their catalog arrived in the mail today, announcing a new store location in the Cherry Creek mall.. I was pleasantly pleased with their very "distinguished" looking clothes for men. High end flannel, wool and leather goods. Soon my mediocre thoughts, turned to pure excitement and I knew I had to share these prized articles of clothing with my online Christmas buddies. Now, I ask, if the website is flooded with orders and you are unable to complete your order, please be persistent and check back. I'm sure, after the initial rush, the Orvis elves will catch up and be able to process your order. 

Let's start with pants first. These lovely Embroidered Holiday Bozeman Cords are amazing. Personally I'd buy the Green cords with candy canes for my husband.

If candy canes and wreaths aren't your Santa's thing, then these Tartan Trousers might be a good option. A little less subtle, yet still festive. 

Now, if you think your Santa will be a little Bah Hum Bug with either of those choices, I guess you'll need to play it safe with the Green Wellington SuperCord Pants. 

If your Santa is feeling a little casual, Tartan Shirt in Royal Stewart or Red Plaid, is perfect to keep him hip, yet comfortable. 

We all know, it can get hectic during the holiday season, so this Reversible Wool Tartan Vest is a great piece to have available for your Santa, when he needs to jump from casual to dress wear in minutes.

If it's a little chilly in the Man Cave aka: Workshop, they have a gorgeous Red Cashmere Cardigan to layer and complete the ultimate Christmas look.

I'm super excited to share these options with my husband and I thank Orvis.Com for making my holiday attire shopping so much easy this season. With my husband out of the way, I have more time to find the perfect Christmas dress for myself.

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