Friday, November 21, 2014

A Few Thanksgiving Videos Worth a Giggle

First, another great video from The Holderness Family. This one is a parody of the Meghan Trainor video "All About the Bass" and is called "All About the Baste". They do some great stuff and I always wonder what the kids will think 5-10 years from now when they are teens and look back. Will they rebel during their tween years? Will they want to be seen in these videos? Will they look back when they reach young "adulthood" and think..WOW I had some really cool parents? Not sure, but for right now, they sure do make me smile. 

Now, we all love animal videos and what's cuter then a hamster dressed up? Well a hamster eating a slice of Pumpkin Pie. 

Lastly, some good laughs from Jimmy Fallon. #ThanksgivingFail

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