Wednesday, July 2, 2014

Christmas in July Day 2: Save a Seat

Some think it's a bit early to start planning for activities during December, but when it comes to stage productions and purchasing tickets, now can be the perfect time. No only do you get better seats buying them in July, it will also help with your holiday budget. Having such a large purchase out of the way, always feels great. Most tickets for December productions have been released, so if you haven't checked what's playing this coming season in your area, take a few minutes, talk it over with your friends and family and get those tickets purchased!

Here's what we have listed in the Denver area for 2014. Some are national tours, others yearly traditions for those in the area.


  1. One year we saw a Christmas musical... it was magical!

    1. It is magical. We're lucky, because I have a connection and get free tickets on occasion, so that's always an extra added bonus. It's always a chance game though, so if it's important enough I do break down and buy them in advance though.