Saturday, July 5, 2014

Christmas in July Day 5: Gift List?

I was working on my Christmas Notebook tonight and started printing my Master Gift List. Although I search around for new list each year, I usually end up using the same one from Organized Christmas. Mostly because I've used it for years, but also because I have a tendency to reprint them several times during the season and I like to do so on my laser printer, in black, to conserve ink. I also found myself excited tempted to make my own, since I recently learned how to use Xcel. I'm pretty specific on what I put on my list, so making my own would be awesome.

If color ink is not an issue for you or you want something more colorful and festive, you'll find plenty of those as well by doing a search for Christmas Gift List. 

Here are just a few examples. 

Once I was done with my master list I moved on to printing my wish list. Printing them out now, just gives me one more thing to eliminate off my to do list in November/December. I usually hand them out, in early November, so the recipient has plenty of time to think about it and get it back to me, well before Black Friday. Although I'm not big on shopping from a wish list, I do find it helpful on occasion and can use it for inspiration when I'm stuck. 

Now with those all printed and in my notebook, I thought about using the 5 Gift Rule again this year. Some use the 4 Gift Rule below, but I like my own 5 Gift Rule. 

Some people are very adamant about using this 4 gift rule with their kids, to keep them from "wanting" and being to "greedy" when it comes to Christmas. I do agree with that, but I prefer to think of it as a well rounded guide. Some years I use it, some I don't. Some years my family will change it up and add something fun, like 1 Thing From The Thrift Store. Now mind you, it's all a play with words and items can often fit into more then one category and that's kinda the point. So, after much thought, my final 5 Gift List for this year includes: 



  1. I also keep my list on Excel.

  2. I think we are going to use the Four Gift rule this year although I really like the addition of the Fifth. We're all adults so it makes it a little more creative to find gifts for each category.