Saturday, July 2, 2011

Christmas inJuly: Day 2 Vintage Market

Today I spent a fabulous morning at the Paris Outdoor Market, walking booth to booth to find new and vintage treasures. I immediately called a few friends and let them know what a fabulous place it was. I found countless items for my daughters room and a few goodies for myself as well. My Christmas find of the day, was these Reproduction XL Vintage Christmas Cards. These cards are about 8-10 inches tall and will look fabulous framed this coming Christmas.

When doing a search tonight for more Vintage Christmas ideas, I found the most amazing wreaths. Georgia Peachez is making the most beautiful wreaths out of vintage ornaments she buys at the thrift stores. Here is my favorite from her blog, but check out her blog for more amazing wreaths. She has several for sale in her Etsy store. 

Here are some shopping hints from My Vintage Christmas Decorations when looking to purchase Vintage Christmas Decorations. 

Now is the best time to shop for Vintage Christmas Decorations.  After December and after July are the best times to go shopping for bargains. You want to be able to shop cheaply and get the most for your money. The greatest bargains can be found in January and in August, just after Christmas and just after Christmas In July.  You might find more items available prior to these times, but the prices will probably be higher.
The best sources for Vintage Christmas Decorations are – wholesale dealers, online stores, eBay, Amazon, garage sales, bargain stores, and specialty stores.

If you are a collector, some of the best bargains are found in a bulk sale on eBay or Amazon. If you can, examine the photo closely. Sometimes you will find a real treasure in among the other things. Often you may find something of real value to you tucked away with other less-valuable items. For something to be of value to you, it doesn’t necessarily mean that it has to be worth a lot of money. Simply that it is something you really want. Something you have been searching for. Something that has great appeal to you. Something that you can imagine in your home, on display at Christmas.

If you like to touch and feel before you buy, never under-estimate the low-cost bargain stores – the Two Dollar Shop, The Reject Shop, and the Red Dot Store.  Sometimes the low cost ornaments are perfect for a rustic theme.

The best way to plan your buying is to plan ahead.  Don’t leave it to the last minute and then panic about not being able to find what you want. Wait until after Christmas and take advantage of the bargains. Shop for next Christmas.

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