Thursday, July 14, 2011

Christmas in July Day 14: 2011 Magical Holiday Home Ornament Swap Opening Day!

It was a fun night with my MHH swap friends. 8 of us participated in the ornament swap this year. We all agreed we'd meet up on line tonight at 7pm Denver time. We have girls all across the country, so some were up late and some were just getting started with their evenings. 

Even though we sign up for this swap months ago, the time always flies by and after a little procrastination and hurried work, we all pull through with some great ornaments. Most are homemade, but we also have those who for whatever reason, aren't able to make them and buy them instead. We love them all the same, so we accept with open arms. Here are the wrapped packages I received late last week.

I turned on some Christmas music in the background and we all unwrapped them one by one and had fun discussing how each project was made and shared what we liked about each one. Here are the awesome ornaments I received this year. 

 This piece came from Arizona,  it's an awesome representation! 

 This ornament came straight from the Smoky Mtns...Dolly Parton Country!

 This is a felt tree that is topped with a great little star on top that reads MHH 2011

 Isn't this the cutest little cross stitched reindeer. 

 Ciara says this one reminds her of the New Years Eve drop ball.

 This is all handcrafted...and the scarf says MHH 2011 also. So dang creative! 

 This snowman is made from wood pieces, I love the pom pom ear muffs.

 She also included this little bag of Angel Dust.

This last ornament didn't survive Santa's flight, but it was a hand painted glass bulb with Jingle Bells inside. We all talked about transferring the bells to another glass ornament, but  regardless I thought her paperclip angels were just as crafty. Super and easy to do with kids for a project! 

I didn't take photos of my ornaments, before mailing them, but others post pics of their ornaments, I'll be sure to copy of a photo of my ornaments and add them here. I made 2 different ornaments. One with wired ribbon and one was a washer ornament.


  1. Great pictures. I am so sad mine died but was afraid of that. i had such a hard time finding supplies for all my other ideas I had before that one. I will be better prepared next year :)Great picts. I has such a good time.

  2. Fantastic! the gifts were very cool :)