Friday, July 8, 2011

Christmas In July: Day 7 Christmas & Winter Weddings

As I sat here at 11pm trying to figure out what to blog today, I read my daughters blog and her focus tonight was Weddings. I'm going to steal that idea and go for it. 

When I was engaged in the spring, we wanted to be married sooner then later, so we opted for a summer wedding. If we had been engaged a little later in the year, I would of totally opted for a Christmas wedding. The previous year or so, Santa Clause 2 had come out and when Santa married his new wife, I was going bonkers for their wedding attire and decorations. My only hope now, is for my daughter to have a Christmas wedding.

Here are some traditional weddings, with Red and White themes. 

Others opt for more of a Winter theme. I love this as well, but just not as much as the themes above.

For all of these brides, a winter wedding dress or coat is a must. I think they are all absolutely beautiful.