Friday, December 10, 2010

A Normal Rockwell Christmas Book...My find of the day!

I had the pleasure of joining my husband today for lunch and then heading to the Crocs warehouse sale to fill up a grocery bag full of shoes. Of course if you live in Colorado, you know what Crocs are! If you don't live in Colorado, but wear Crocs, you'll wish you lived in Colorado so you could go to the yearly warehouse sales. $10.00 shoes will fill up a bag before you know it! 

After we visit, I always like to stop into the Indoor Flea Market/Mercantile Antique store across the street. Walking in there is like finding a treasure trove of gift ideas. I see so many things I know others would love, but never seem to think about it when the time is right. Soooo....what do you do when you have everyone's shopping done???? buy something for yourself. 

I found this wonderful Normal Rockwell Christmas Book. Full of stores with attached graphics, carols and poems. It's something I'll really enjoy adding to my collection. 

Normal Rockwell Christmas Book 

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