Sunday, December 26, 2010

Merry Christmas!

It's 12:20am here now, which means Christmas is actually over with, however I had to stop and say goodnight to all. Opening gifts with my daughter and husband this morning was a great time. We always have fun downstairs, next to our Disney tree. It's like having our own little special spot to share each Christmas morning. I was very happy to receive 2 more of the books I really wanted this year. That made my morning. I'll be set for a couple months now in the reading department.

After eating some breakfast we head to the nursing home to visit with Doug's dad. He was awake and alert today and looked much better then he has over the past month. That was nice to see! My husband thanked me for going today with him and that was really touching.

After a short nap, my daughter and I started our dinner in the kitchen. She made some great Irish Soda Bread, while I chopped chicken and veges for our Chicken and Dumplings. When I couldn't find the mix I've used in the passed, I decided last minute I'd have to wing it by hand. Now, I will say that the soup or stew itself was amazing.  Now using the canned biscuits, not so amazing. I trully learned today how important trying out a recipe is, BEFORE serving it for the first time on a holiday. We ended up eating most of them, but in the future I will definitely make my own or use the biscuit mix for a firmer dumpling. Now I also made a berry cobbler for dessert and that got rave reviews. With vanilla ice cream, it really was to die for!

My family finally made it over around 4:30 or 5, so that meant we were getting a pretty late start. That tends to happen at my house on Christmas, but that's fine, it just keeps the day going even longer. Both my friends gave me some amazing gifts, but most importantly they gave me their love and time. I'm so lucky to have such blessed friends. I'm also lucky they care about my daughter so much and that she feels that love and care in return.

Having an 8 year old, a 15 yo and a 21 yo in the house during Christmas, definitely makes for some interesting moments. They all are at a different point in life, but yet all so excited and kid like when it comes to Christmas.

I learned a lot of lessons this year when planning for Christmas. A lot changed in my perspective this year. My daughter definitely had a hard time with some of the changes, but ultimately I think she realizes now that some of those things she thought were important aren't. Being a parent of a teenager has it's moments, but I really am blessed to have such an amazing daughter.  I think I also see my stepson, finally turning into a young adult and that is fun to watch. Listening to him talking about school and his job and finding a place to live and everything that comes with that makes me smile and definitely makes my husband smile.

So Christmas 2010, wasn't perfect, it wasn't routine, it wasn't usual, but it was a great day, a great week and a great month.

Most importantly I'm thankful Heavenly Father has blessed me as he has! 

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