Thursday, December 30, 2010

2010 Hallmark Ornaments

I waited a little to long to go to Hallmark to get then pieces that go with our collections, but we did manage to pick up a few at 40% off. There are a few more we'd both like to have, but I'm waiting a bit longer to get the 50-75 % markdowns on the ornaments not as important. Here is what we came home with.

Ever year, we collect many of the retro looking dolls, but her whole Barbie ornament collection started with the yearly Celebrations ornaments. It took two trips to find this one, but we did find it.

Disney's Prep and Landing Elfs were a must have this year. I love their short films!

My daughter and I have been Madame Alexander collectors since we were both babies. This one is also a group that we collect.

Ciara's grandma started the Fairy, Flower Girl collection. Each year they are very different.

Here are the ornaments on our "Wish List", now these are only if we find them for a really good discount. Otherwise, they are a bit beyond our budget.


  1. I love the Prep and Landing ornament.

  2. So Mel, do you think the Ken is as scary as all our friends? He looks like he's saying.....Hey baby, lets go back to my pad...or WHY SO SERIOUS?? slice, slice...LOL

    I didn't notice it till everyone started pointing it out, so I asked my daughter if she for sure wanted creeper on the tree.