Friday, December 24, 2010

Things that have made me smile on this Christmas Eve!

1. Waking up, knowing tomorrow is the big day. 

2. Receiving a box of Disney ornaments in my advent swap today. 

3. Driving out on Washington and see the line of people at Comfort Dental, waiting to get free dental care. It's a great thing they do every year. 

4. Walking in to K.S. this morning and having a young girl singing a very beautiful Christmas Carol, while she rung the Salvation Army Bell. 

5.  Giving Alice, our wal-mart friend a hug today. 
     ( I had to walk in, while desperately looking to find something, but walked out still not spending any money.. that makes me smile too! Not seeing Alice is the worse thing about not shopping at Wal-Mart)

6. Finding the perfect WHITE flowers for my dinner table tomorrow. Small white roses...they are very pretty! 

7. Picking out another Hoops and YoYo card for Byron. They make us laugh hysterically! 

8. Being able to buy a bag at Safeway to donate to the Salvation Army

9. Putting the last few Christmas gifts under the work tree and filling their stockings with a goody for the last time. 

ALL THIS BEFORE 10AM______________________________________________ 

10. Opening my gift from Elydia. I love the M&M mug she got me, as well as my Pumpkin Spice candle. Two of my favorite things! 

11. Biting into a Lindor Truffle 

12. Having Tammy call me to wish me a Happy Christmas Eve! 

13. Just had a patient surprise me by telling me Merry Christmas at the end of my call. That doesn't happy very often, so it got a HUGE smile. 

14. Opening a card from our retired Dr. Jones. I can't believe he still sends us a card every year, thanking us for our service and tells us how much he loves retirement. He's a great guy! 

15. Getting a hug from my BF! 


16. Coming home to find out my daughter mopped the dining room and kitchen. 

17. Having my husband tell me he's going to clean the bathroom and vacuum the house. 

18. Hurrying to wrap the last few gifts. 

19. Taking a breath and realizing everything is finally ready for the night. 

20. Taking a bubble bath!

21. All the boys downstairs watching Star Wars on the new TV

22. Seeing how happy clackers made my nephews and how unhappy they'll make my BIL and SIL. 

23. Seeing how my MIL liked her Beehive, Stained Glass piece.

24. Taking a bite of my eggnog cheesecake! OH MY!! 

25. Opening new pajamas with Ciara. 

26. Cuddeling on the couch and reading 3 Night Before Christmas Books. (take note: The Rocky Mountain Night Before a little on the violent side...LOL) 

27. Laying in bed with my daughter, tucking her in and saying goodnight. 

28. Finding my husband asleep on the couch. 

29. Coming online to say goodnight to all my real friends, as well as my online friends. 

30. Happy Christmas Eve Everyone!!

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  1. Sounds like a wonderful day!!
    Merry Christmas!!