Sunday, December 26, 2010

Yes, my name is Michelle and I have a paper addiction!

I sometimes wonder...Did my scrapbooking paper addiction come first or my love for wrapping paper? Maybe the fact that my stepmom worked at Hallmark most of her life played in to my love for wrapping beautiful packages. I use to visit my dad and stepmom in Texas and be awe struck every Christmas when all the packages were wrapped in different paper under the tree and all had some kind of wonderful bow. For years I tried to learn how to make those bows and finally in my mid 20's, I figured it out.  This year I chose not to make any of those large bows, mostly because of time, but also because I wanted to use some of the other fun ribbon I had. Here are just a few of my wrapped packages from this year.

With Ciara's help I used up several rolls of paper I've had for years and years. Then I replaced it with 5 or 6 new rolls today. I'll share those later!