Wednesday, December 1, 2010

Happy December 1st!! Can't believe it's finally here!

December...the month I've been waiting for! Can't believe it's finally here. Today,  was day one of my advent swap, I received a great holiday recipe magazine from my partner GutsyD. There was a "mock" eggnog recipe in there I want to try. I'm a sucker for anything eggnog!

I also wanted to share a great craft that my daughter and I both enjoy working on together. They are called Quilt Magic. They have limited distribution, so the only place to purchase them in Colorado, is in Estes Park. Looks like a quilt, but is made with material and a laser cut foam board.  We just bought our 3rd project. It's a beautiful Poinsettia.

On Halloween, we were finally able to spend some time together and get our last one made. I cut out the pieces from the pattern and my daughter is the one who gets to "STAB" them in place. I think it's rather therapeutic for her.

Last night I finally got it all trimmed up, so here is the final product. 

Our first Quilt Magic project was the pink cancer ribbon, that we made for Grandma Barb. They don't carry that one anymore, but here's the new pattern that replaced it.  Be sure to check out the site. They have a little bit of everything for anyone's taste. 


  1. I have never heard of Quilt Magic before. The projects are beautiful.

    I love December 1st as well. I never realized until yesterday just how much I love it. I declared it "Mel's Day" and plan on celebrating it every year!!

  2. Mel, they are pretty limited in distribution. If I remember right, they're are about 10 or 15 distributors that carry them in store. It's a pretty small amount. My Mother In Law is a professional at buying them, but never making them. I'm thinking, that instead of buying one next, we'll get hers and get them done for her. She's a butterfly fanatic, so I bet they are butterflies.

    Hey, can't have Mel day...It's Michelle Day on December 1st.. ;)