Thursday, December 2, 2010

Finally...My lights are on and the Family Tree is done!!!

Finally felt a bit better tonight and was able to finish the tree. Ciara and I were both a little disappointed that she couldn't help, but at this point I either did it without her or it was going to get done. Today and tomorrow, she's at a training conference with the National League of Cities, at the convention center. I'm happy she has the opportunity, so I figured I'd just go for it!

First I plugged in the lights outside. My hubby had already strung them on the house, but I hadn't hooked up any extension cords. I do like the large, multi-colored LED's, but they just aren't bright enough. Next year, we'll definitely have to add something. I'm use to the yard GLOWING with white lights.  A neighbor has some awesome, deep blue LED icicle lights. I"m thinking we may go that route. They are very pretty and Doug loves the blue lights. He's been trying to talk me into it for 6 years now and thinks he finally has me broken in. Problem was, I didn't like the inconsistency of regular blue lights, but now with the LED blue lights, they are so much deeper and even in color. 

This year....

I think this display would make my hubby happy. It does look rather cool...literally!

When we put the tree up last week, Ciara quickly pointed out that the angel might not fit. She was right! After some manipulation and scrunching of the branches, Doug was able to "sit" it on top. Her poor hair is squished into the ceiling. I'll have to think about how to solve this, but our new angle is not going anywhere.

Last, but not least is my 2nd Advent gift. I received a box of gingerbread men cookie mix, with a miniature cookie cutter. I was laughing, because when they said "mini", they mean "mini". I can officially say, I have every size gingerbread cookie cutter possible now. I think I'm going to save it for our sleep over. Might make for a yummy snack!


  1. Your outdoor lights are wonderful. The angel doesn't look squished in the picture. She looks cute.

  2. I love your lights. The pic where you can see your tree thru the window is like a postcard/greeting card. Nice touch.

  3. Thanks Aggy and Mel. I added some spotlights to the house tonight so it's not so dang dark out there. The LED's are great, but really don't put off a whole lot of light in this case. Normally yes, but not with these. It looks much better now!

  4. Your tree looks great and so do your lights! I just gave my secret santa the same gingerbread kit last week! lol