Friday, January 21, 2011

Olly the Owl Sewing Project

Project Valentine is only one week away and one of the crafts on the list was Olly the Owl. My daughters current obsession is owls, so it was the perfect project to twist her arm with. She's agreed to sew several, but first she wanted to make her own! We never did find the actual pattern on the sign, but we found our own. I showed her how to cut out a pattern, I gave her some instructions on how to sew it and then she was on her own. I had to leave for awhile, so this owl was completed without "mom instructions" and stuffed with little cotton balls..LOL  Her energy was still on go, so she started a second one with a different pattern. She hasn't sewn on the back yet, but she'll do that tomorrow and then start making more to actually donate. In the mean time here are some pictures.  

Meet the official Olly the Owl: 

And Ciara's Olly the Owl #1: 

And Olly the Owl #2 (In Progress): 

This really was just a prelude to her next big art project for school. She's taking a break from photography and going to learn how to use the sewing machine. Here is the owl she's going to be making for class. 

For detailed instructions on Owl 2.0, you can go to Learn and Go

Her sketch book is detailed and ready to go on Monday. 

While I'm at it, her latest piece of hemp jewelry was made with an owl. Personally I think it's her best work yet. I love the colors! I'm trying to convince her into branching out into other mediums of jewelry making, but she just isn't confident yet.

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