Thursday, January 27, 2011

I am DONE!!!

I can say with all certainty, this has been one long day and I'm ready to pass out in my bed. I've been cleaning on and off for 12 hours now. Once the Christmas stuff started going away, I can honestly say the dirt was screaming and asking to be picked up. Amazing, how you can skim over things when you need to. I haven't had much time to deep clean since before Christmas and it was showing. Dust, dirt and dog hair was everywhere! After cleaning, I packed my last few boxes tonight. Last Sunday, my daughter had collected and piled everything for me on the coffee table and dining room table. I had all intentions of getting to it right away, but as usual other things prevailed.

I'm happy to say, my house is officially Christmas free once my dear hubby takes the boxes to the farm for storage. Hopefully sooner, then later. 

The house is clean, Christmas is packed and my husband and daughter are both gone tomorrow. Do you know what that means???????  Scrapbooking is calling my name. I think I'll spend tomorrow night prepping for the retreat. If I actually manage to get it done, it will be the first time in a year that I've actually worked on my prep and not wait till the night before the retreat. Sounds to make it happen! 


  1. Looks great and a very inspiring message to get cleaning.

  2. As much as I love my decorations, it does feel good to put them away and have the house clean and in order.