Saturday, January 1, 2011

Happy New Years!!

Another New Years Eve gone buy and in our family, this can be a make or break it day. With the irony of life, I lost both of my parents on New Years Eve. My  mom 11 years ago and my step dad 3 years ago. We've gotten to a point in our lives, where we don't think about it every moment, but usually the day before, it hits sometime with a reminder of exactly what the day means.  If you knew my parents, you'd understand the irony of them passing on the biggest party day of the year. Last night my house was taken over by these 3 crazy people, while I escaped with another friend. Spending an evening with Byron and Konner is NEVER boring. I'll dedicate this video to my mom and dad. They were always up for a good laugh. 

PS: Watch the bloopers for a glimpse of my man...Mr Who Is That! This is is second appearance in Edit That Out.

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