Monday, January 3, 2011

Not Your Typical Holiday by Ciara..Dedicated To My Lovely Mother

For Christmas, my 15 year old daughter give me a 
beautiful Christmas book,  

She wrote me her own Christmas story. It's kind of like a reality/fiction type story, if there is such a thing. In other words, she based the entire story on events that happen in our house year around. Does it make fun of her Holiday Junkie mother or is it a tribute to my love for Christmas. 

I bet, on any given day, she might have a different answer for you. This year, above all others, I think she's truly come to appreciate the work and love that is behind each and every tradition we have in our household. I thought I'd share a small portion with you here tonight....

To my MinnieCo Jr and future holiday junkie...Thank you!! 

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