Friday, June 17, 2011

Temple Block - "I'm going there someday"

Ciara just got home from Girls Camp and I was super excited to see one of her projects. When she pulled out this temple block, I was instantly tickled with that crafters excitement we get once in awhile.  

I've had the link to this project marked for sometime now and had all intentions of doing them with my older Activity Day girls until I was released recently. Now that I've seen the actual piece, I will definitely make some for a few of the younger girls in our ward and for my niece.

To see a complete list of the temples she has available for printing, check out the "Lil' Luna Blog"

The San Diego Temple is my favorite in photos. 

But to keep it more personal, I think I'll make mine with the Denver Temple. 

Not LDS, don't hesitate to convert any "Vintage" 
looking, scanned photo into this project.

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