Wednesday, February 2, 2011

Project Valentine Craft Day

About 20 of  Ciara's classmates showed up for Project Valentine this past weekend. They had all kind of projects for volunteers to work on. Key chains, beads, journals, owls, cards, bookmarks and all kind of other things I'm probably forgetting. It was just another way for Ciara and I to let some of those creative juices flowing. We didn't get to stay nearly as long as we hoped, but the kids managed to get a lot done in the few hours. After talking to one of the coordinators, they're are several people up north who would like to meet once a month to work on some ongoing projects. I offered to reserve the church building for some of these meetings, so I hope it works out. Thanks Carrie for introducing me to, yet another....great idea!

Carrissa, Tyana, Leif, Val, Brian and Kelsey sewing and stuffing owls.

Carrissa making owls.

Ice and Tyana making bookmarks.

Darrel, Nick, Hammy, Tyler and Brian making keychains.

Cassie making owls.

Val and Leif making more owls!

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