Monday, February 21, 2011

The Party Countdown Begins....Saturday is the Day!

As much as this mom loves to throw a party, having a daughter who starts counting down for next year, the day after this year...can wear a women down!! Last year we were lucky enough to take a group of friends to the YMCA cabin in Estes Park, so the thought of a Sweet 16 party was kind of put on hold. Months went by and she didn't want a big party, then.........the flood gates opened.

I'm very thankful we are able to use the church building as the setting for our party, I'm thankful we know a young DJ, I'm thankful Aunt Tammy wants to provide cupcakes, I'm thankful for Shari and the fun times we had brainstorming for the party, I'm thankful for Byron and the "secrets" that lie ahead. Most of all, I'm thankful for my  husband putting up with us two girls! He really has no concept of why we have to throw this big bash, but he's going along for the ride. 

As the day gets closer, we have more and more to do. I'll admit, it hasn't been one of my post prepared parties, but as I told Ciara, I've never not come through for a party. I also have had plenty of offers for help and for once, I'm going to take advantage of each and every one of you that has offered! 
Today was photo shoot day. We still needed Black and White photos for the party. Anna took Ciara downtown and was able to get some great shots of her in one of her dresses. After work, I took her to the local school and shot some less formal photos in her jeans and T-shirt.  We needed 11 and between Anna and I, their were exactly 11 photos that were my favorite in Black and White. I was going to save them for the party, but since my daughter has posted them on facebook for the world to see, I think I'll share them as well. 


  1. Such a beautiful girl.

  2. Very cute photos!!! Don't you love FB? I will start to tell my mom something and she'll say yeah, I know read it on FB. (DD) Then at other times she tells me stuff that I don't know. I rarely go to FB.