Monday, February 14, 2011

Happy Valentines Day!

As I posted on facebook this morning, I hope everyone's day is filled with love. I say it's the perfect day to love thy neighbor, love your friends, love your family, love your significant other or simply...LOVE YOURSELF!

I'm going to start my post off with this video. It's one of the best songs ever by Nat King Cole and makes me really thing about those I love, that are no longer here. 

I gave my daughter her card this morning, so I'm finally able to share just how great it turned out. Anyone within 100 miles of us, knows that my daughter currently loves owls. I seen a great idea and was able to merge it with a card I had already started and her upcoming birthday theme. It just kind of all came together I would say. And as usual, I LOVE MY CRICUT! 

This is one of the cards I made for my hubby...(I was sure to hide my private message..LOL).  It's an example of how I turned, some  scrapbook page left overs into a card. After completing a layout, you have your matching paper and embellishments already in order, so why not whip up a quick card. It's made giving cards, so much easier in our home. 

I came to work this morning and the sweet treats of the day were already waiting. Ginger's niece made this for us to enjoy at the office. The center heart is a sugar cookie and the smaller chocolate hearts are made with marble cake inside. They are very yummy and made the perfect addition to my small breakfast this morning. 

This little guy is for a special little someone...still unknown. 
He's very soft and cute! 

The day is just beginning, so I'll be back with more post and more LOVE to share!

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