Wednesday, November 24, 2010

Thanksgiving or Christmas???

Today was one of those mixed up days. I needed to cook and prep for dinner and my daughter was just begging to unwrap the family tree ornaments. I knew since I had to cook, there was no way we could get it decorated tonight, but we did manage to unwrap everything. One by one, we unwrapped each piece of tissue paper  and were excited to see the surprise of it's contents. We played a little game of "who, where and when" did this ornament come from. I have to admit I missed a few, but my daughter can pretty much tell you the story behind each and every ornament on that tree and I'm not kidding!

When I asked Ciara which was her favorite ornament, she had to think for a few. However, her Aunt Tammy will be happy to know,  it's still her Glenda The Good Witch. 

At one time it was on her aunts tree. She begged and begged to have the ornament. Tammy told her no, but later surprised her and gave it to her as a gift. On the bottom she wrote "There's no Place Like Home" and my daughter says it brings a certain comfort to her and reminds her that when she's off in the world, on her own, she'll always have a home to come too.  (Okay...mommy moment...let me clear the tears, so I can continue) 

While we wrapped, KOSI was on in the background with Christmas music playing. We've been listening for a week now and she still hadn't heard her favorite song by TSO. I found the phone number for the station and she tried calling them to do a request. She never got through, but a 1/2 hour later, the song played anyways. She said, it was the official start of her Holiday Season. 

In between, I was trying to get my cornbread stuffing, sweet potatoes and pumpkin spice cake made up. She took the camera from me and went on a Christmas photo spree.

I didn't know she took this picture, but I have a feeling she's doing something sneaky. She just gets amused by telling people I have Christmas movies on the DVR from last year still. Christmas Blessing and Christmas Hope is number 3 and 4 in the Christmas Shoes series. I still haven't watched them, but I will...I will!

Speaking of Christmas Shoes, each and every time I hear that song each season, it makes me very sentimental. There's something about that song, that goes straight to my heart.

When I finally got out of the kitchen tonight, I came downstairs to find the new TV out of the box. The time is getting closer. Friday, the satellite company will be here to convert our system over and I'll be good to go and ready to watch all the Christmas movies coming up. 

I currently have a pumpkin spice bundt cake in the oven and tomorrow, I will share the recipe. Here's a quick glimpse of the BEFORE picture. 

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  1. Great picture. I love the Glenda ornament and why it is your daughter's favorite.