Saturday, November 6, 2010

Cooking with Pumpkin Today & My Build a Bear Wish List

Today I had a few things on my agenda. One was to make this pumpkin pasta dish I wanted to make last year and never got around too and to make at least one batch of pumpkin bread. I'm still not in tip top shape, so I had to rest a lot, but after a long day I had something to show for it.

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Started with whole wheat ziti and pumpkin sauce.

Then I added the sliced, Italian, turkey sausage.

Put down two layers of pasta, with 4 cups of spinach in the middle.

 Cooked it covered in the oven for 20minutes. 
Added the cheese on top and cooked uncovered for 5, till the cheese had browned.


I also managed to make up two batches of my Pumpkin Bread recipe and that made me 12 mini loaves to hand out. I'll probably make another batch or two, but for tonight...I'm DONE!! 

Now, on to some miscellaneous things!! 

I received the Build a Bear catalog in the mail today. It's one of those things that makes me wish I still had a little one. We really did have a ton of fun, shopping for new Build a Bear clothes every season. Ciara had stopped playing with Build a Bears when they came out with Rudolph, so for a few years I've been trying to talk myself into buying the cutie.  Now they have Rudolph and Clarice and they are to darn cute. In the mean time, lets do some virtual shopping. 

Now, don't get me wrong, my daughter still has a stash of build a bears and every once in awhile one comes out that she can't live without. Her last two bears have been the High School Musical bear and Hello Kitty. I have a feeling, once she see's this catalog, she's going to want this new Hello Kitty Holiday Dress! It's not even online yet, so I've taken a picture from the catalog.

Until Tuesday I'd never hears of "Twinkle Toe" shoes. But Shaelyn was kind enough to show me her new pair this week when I was over. Apparently they are the new craze with little ones and you know, once they've made it into the build a bear fashions, they are a must have! 

I also have to admit, I want Snow Hugs Teddy as well. Maybe I should be asking for Build a Bear gift cards myself...LOL

Don't forget to watch A Family Thanksgiving on Hallmark this weekend. It's on 3 times tonight and once tomorrow. I have it taping right now in the background, but I'm trying not to listen. I want to sit down and watch it commercial free later tonight. 

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