Tuesday, November 2, 2010

One Card List Received, One To Go!!

As my daughter says..."I've received my list of crazy people I don't know", to exchange cards with. Getting that list, gets me super excited. Once I receive the second list, it will be a mad frenzy to address all the cards. I will say, this is one area I was prepared for. Last year, after Christmas, I found the cards I wanted and worked on them in January for Rudy Day. They are signed, stuffed with a little extra goody and ready to be addressed. Regardless of what my daughter SAYS, she enjoys checking the mailbox, just to see how many I've received each day! All my friends at MHH and OHH  thanks for participating again this year and passing along our enjoyed spirit.

Here are your stamp choices for this year, which do you think you'll be picking up? For me, definitely the Holiday Evergreens!  

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