Friday, December 6, 2013

What's on Your Duck Dynasty Christmas List???

If you have been to any store in the past 6 months, I'm sure you have this thought..."Wow, those Duck Dynasty Guys Are Making Bank!" Well, today, those beards seemed to cross my path at every turn. So gals, if you have a Duck Dynasty fan in your family, fear not...Their is a gift fit for everyone on that Duck Dynasty Christmas list. But before I start this countdown, let's set the mood with some music.

Let's start this list off right and go right for your sweetheart. If you are a romantic at heart, why not put together this Love Fest package for your lover? Nothing says romance like...Wine, Candles, Christmas Music and Chocolate. 


For the Campers in your Life:

Matching His and Her Folding Chairs

For the Men on Your List:

Does your man size up to the DD guys? 

This beef jerky comes in a variety of flavors for his liking!

a subtle tie....

and a not so subtle tie

Duck Tape....what needs to be said about this?

For The Women on Your List:

Nothing says I love you for mom or grandma, like a very nice daily devotional. 

Socks to keep her toes warm

A hat to keep her head warm.

A T-Shirt, that says it all

With these Duck Commander ornaments, she'll remember 2013 forever.

For The Cook In Your Life:

How about a Pink cutting board?

Or a Cookbook....I hear she has the best fried frog leg recipe ever!! 

For the Young Boy In Your Life: 

Action figures are always a hit.

Or, if he's been really good this year, GO BIG with a battery powered ATV.

For The Young Girl In Your Life:

How about a board game for family game night?

A very Hot Pink watch?

Or a Pink Camouflage blanket for her bed? 

And don't forget to get her some new pajamas for Christmas Eve.

For the Gardner In your Life:  

What is Christmas without a Chia under the tree?

A Ghome is a Ghome...Year around pleasure. 

And last, but not least, if you can't find it in the store, have it made. Etsy, has an endless variety of gifts for all ages.

And after finding all those pleasant surprises of joy, I think I'll add this one thing to my Duck Dynasty wish list and call it a night.

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