Thursday, December 5, 2013

December Confessions: Day 1-3

I can't believe it's already December 5th. It really is amazing how time flies when you want it to slow down the most. Sunday morning came, it was December 1st and time to send my daughter back off to school. I wasn't feeling the best on Sunday, so I decided to stay home from church, but like many days in my life, I never know when I'll end up back at work. My 11 day vacation, had a few little glitches, but when I walked out of their last week teasing, that I'll shoot for 9 days out of 11, I was spot on. That left me with time at my desk to finish up cards, make gift list, send out my visit teaching letters for the month and finish up some holiday planning at the office. 

Monday it was 60 degrees here in Northglenn, Colorado, but the threat of sub zero temperatures was looming. I woke up knowing, if I didn't get my Christmas lights done then, they weren't going to get done this year. So I strapped on my hot pink knee pads and went to work. 

At one point, we ran out of daylight and used the spotlight to finish after dark, but finally 11 hours of work, one failure to launch, an emergency trip to Costco for new lights, we were done.

Tuesday was just full of small things that make me happy. Like this candle. Holiday Spice candles are one of my favorite scents from Partylite Candles. But the cost is way up there for a jar candle. Several years ago, I came across this scent at Kohls and it smells exactly like Holiday Spice, but cost just under $5.00 when on sale. You can't beat that!! 

On Black Friday, I picked up these awesome Poinsettias at a rock bottom price and was able to send one to the office for each of the girls and kept two for myself. 

Now that I had time to sit down and enjoy the moment, it was time to open my first batch of Christmas cards from my MHH friends. They were all beautiful and really made my morning.

I'll finish with this piece of "Art".  It's the only painting I've ever bought at a thrift store and of course, it had to be a winter scene to catch my eye. You can't really see in this photo, but it portrays a snowy, day, in an old village town. I tease that maybe someday I'll find out that I'm one of those lucky people, who bought a million dollar painting at the thrift store. I'm sure that thought will wear off, but the smile this painting brings me, will continue on.

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