Tuesday, October 4, 2011

Where's Waldo???

It's homecoming week in my daughters school and that means she gets to play dress up. Monday was twin day and today was Where's Waldo day. Her first suggestion was to buy a shirt, but mom tossed that out the window. Then she wanted pink and white stripes...that didn't happen. Then we searched for a long sleep red shirt and couldn't and remembered we donated it recently to the goodwill. At that point, she gave up and decided she'd not dress up.  Well this mom's brain never shuts off, so as I was hanging up the last load of clothes for the night, a light bulb when off when I got to her red dress.  With a red dress, a white shirt and some white duct tape...I might be able to make this work. Sure enough, the outfit turned out great. Not your typical Waldo, but what I called at "Ciarafied Waldo". I even pulled out some white pom poms and red felt to make her a matching hair clip. Funny thing is, they picked out Where's Waldo day, but they still couldn't wear hats. Hmmm?????  It was a very "ABSTRACT" hat, that many thought looked like sushi, but she thought it was fun. I love it when those last minute ideas just work.  Tomorrow is mustache day, so I'm off to find the sticky stuff to keep that little culprit on.


  1. She looks great!!

  2. Looks great Michelle. We have the perfect hat to go with that Kenny's cat in the hat hat. It is also my kids homecoming week. They have had hat/team jersey day, twin day, neon day, pj day, and tomorrow is district wide spirt day. We are decorating tee-shirts tonight for three of them Kayla is wearing cheer uniform