Wednesday, October 19, 2011

Pumpkin Marshmallow Pops

I have to admit, I'm a sucker for Marshmallows. My favorite's are Russel Stovers chocolate covered Easter Eggs. Now I've explained this before, but let me tell you about the science of these fine candies. During the year they have chocolate covered Santas...those are to thin and break apart easily. During Halloween they have chocolate covered pumpkins. These are definitely better then the Santas, because they have some thinkness to them, but still I dream of that perfect bite! Now when Easter comes, I can't wait to run to the store to find those perfectly shaped chocolate covered Easter Egg Marshmallows. The marshmallows are thick and the chocolate is thin. It's like a bite of heaven. I'm so vocal about this, my husband and my friends are known to deliver Russel Stovers to me on a regular basis. Tammy's been known to hunt down a dozen eggs for me and deliver them to my office and my husband knows to fill my stocking accordingly. 

BEWARE: Those eggs go quickly, so be sure to shop early.

In between Easter and Halloween I usually take care of my fix in the summer with Smores or an occasional chocolate covered marshmallow from Rocky Mnt Candy. Last year I was shocked to see GIANT marshmallows at the grocery store. I immediately thought about the smores possibilities with these. And now, they have made these GIANT marshmallows into pumpkins. Yes PUMPKINS! I immediately bought the bag, not knowing exactly what I was going to do with them. After some pondering, I came up with these Pumpkin Pops.

I think they are pretty full proof, if you follow the instructions for melting your chocolate, have all your supplies in order and have a little patience.

I started with my Marshmallows, Dark Chocolate Chips from the candy section and Popsicle Sticks. One bag of candy chips, will cover approximately 12-14 marshmallows.

 When inserting the sticks, make sure to put them in the middle the best you can and push them up as far as possible without puncturing the top of the pumpkin.

Melt chocolate according to directions and then use a large spoon to cover the pumpkins with chocolate. Don't forget to check out the sides and bottom. After covering the entire pumpkin I went back and tried to smooth it out on top and thin it down a bit if needed. You don't want to be to aggressive, but just enough to not make them so chunky. When done, lay them flat on parchment paper.

While my chocolate was cooling, I spooned some premade, orange frosting in my piping bag. (Here's a side tip: When filling a pastry or frosting bag, use a cup to hold the bag open..I do it all the time!)

Once the Pumpkins were cooled, I used the piping tip to draw silly faces. I started with the smallest tip, but had to move up to a larger size. No much larger, but the first size was just to small for filling in the open areas and was killing my hand. Play around. Some will turn out better then others and that's okay.

I then uses a small portion of Green candy chips, melted them down, placed them in a second past pastry bag and used the smallest tip to place a small area of green on the stem of the pumpkin. It's a little extra work, but makes them a bit more defined.

Here are three of my final pumpkins. When I started I wasn't sure how they marshmallows would hold up on the stick, but they seem to be fine. I guess the girls taste testing them at Mutual tonight will tell me how well they stay on the stick!