Monday, October 31, 2011

Happy Halloween!!

I'm happy and sad that today is Halloween. Sad because it flew by so quick and I had so many things I wanted to do and just didn't have time to do. Haunted houses, baking, carving pumpkins, trunk or treat, crafts and the list goes on. Everything about Halloween makes me smile. Adults have fun, kids have fun and kids who think they are to old to have fun...let that teen stubbornness go and still have fun! Do I care that a few 16 year old kids showed up at my door...absolutely not. I'd rather them be begging for candy then be out doing BAD things.

I did manage to put this hat together one night. I borrowed an old hat from my friend who was a witch a couple years ago. I tore off the purple lace that came with it, added some of orange tulle, made a bow from my dollar store ribbon and last, but not least I added a bird from the dollar store. Needless to say, this piece was pretty inexpensive and turned out rather Spooktacular I thought. Maybe next year, I'll make a full costume to go with it. 

Halloween will soon be behind us and my favorite part of the year begins... Stay tuned!

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